Gary Andrews
Gary Andrews has had a long career in international business development and project management mostly in the field of international development assistance but also in Chamber of Commerce Management and in major infrastructure project development. He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur and working as a Business Development Director with the China Railway Engineering Corporation, the PRC's largest construction company. Gary is also studying for a Masters Degree in Technology (Project Management).



The Chinese-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Chinese-Australia Free Trade Agreement – An Open Letter To Bill Shorten

I applaud your (Bill Shorten’s) aspirations to protect the job opportunities of Australian workers in criticism of the Chinese-Australia Free Trade Agreement. However, I see no analogy between your recent reference to foreign labou...

by Gary Andrews

Deaths At Sea

Focusing On Deaths At Sea Diverts Attention From the Real Issue

I recently attended a speech by the Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, in Kuala Lumpur and during the subsequent question time, the issue of asylum seekers came up. Her response was to roll out the usual party line, which is to j...

by Gary Andrews