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Ep 4. Applied Postmodernism & Grievance Studies with James Lindsay

In the last Podcast of 2018, Editor of Circus Bazaar Magazine Shane Alexander Caldwell sits down to discuss Applied Postmodernism & Grievance Studies with James Lindsay.

by The Big Tent Podcast

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Was this “practice” common?

Oslo Police District edit their origional statement concerning horrific film. Please visit the page “Norwegian Police Violence and Human Rights” to see the full investigative series of articles on this case. [dropcap size=big]O[/dropcap]slo, Norway. Circu...

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“The Russell Brand Revolution.” Key indicators and predictors. UPDATED

[pullquote]    “I’ve taken the right, I don’t need the right from you, I don’t need the right from anybody, Im taking it!”     – Russell Brand[/pullquote] As soon as we saw Russell Brand deliver a knockout blow to the BBC´s usually...

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Behind the scenes at the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thorbjørn Jagland, (The secretary general of the council of Europe, Chairmen of the Norwegian Nobel committee and former Norwegian Prime Minister) getting ready to speak to the world not so long after the announcement that the 2013 Nobel Peace prize would go to the O...

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Packaged “Human Meat” protest in Barcelona.

Earlier this year the animal rights group “Animal Equality” launched a human meat protest in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. According to the website Banoosh.com the demonstration took place directly out front of the Cathedral of Barcelona to commemorate...

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Like Farms, Fake Likes and Like posers. Calling out fakes!

The Facebook like page is something that those that dwell in Social Media have become very accustomed to. To a large extent it has played almost a substitute role to a blog or a website for many businesses. All over the world companies use these pages in order to est...

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Twilight at Norway’s largest prison.

Norway’s largest prison, “Oslo Fengsel” is located more or less in the the heart of Oslo. Its capacity according to Wikipedia is 350 inmates and is skirted by this children’s play ground. Don´t be fooled by the lack of children. They are playi...

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