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Ep 4. Applied Postmodernism & Grievance Studies with James Lindsay

In the last Podcast of 2018, Editor of Circus Bazaar Magazine Shane Alexander Caldwell sits down to discuss Applied Postmodernism & Grievance Studies with James Lindsay.

by The Big Tent Podcast

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“Norsk politi filmet.” Artikkel 3 – Umenneskelig eller nedverdigende behandling?...

“Videoopptaket er angivelig gjort den 21. mai 2013, gjennom et vindu mot gaten der sivilt politi pågrep to personer, tilsynelatende for å sikre narkotikabesittelse. Stor vekt ble under pågripelsen lagt på å få de anholdte til å spytte ut noe de var mistenkt for å ha ...

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NCHR- Statement on Norwegian Police Film

In September 2013 the Norwegian Centre of Human Rights provided Circus Bazaar with the below document. [gview file=”https://circus.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Nasjonal-institusjons-uttalelse-om-kritikkverdig-opptreden-fra-politiets-side.pdf”]

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Circus Bazaar is now on Youtube

Circus Bazaar has now established its channel on Youtube. Youtube will act as our archive for material that we first exclusively host on Circus Bazaar. Below is our fantabulously branded introduction produced by our digital media specialist “Nathan Andrews̶...

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The Eco-friendly Nimbin. Not just the ‘drug capital’ of Australia.

Want to go somewhere different? Perhaps a colourful, country based, peace loving and Earth friendly destination? Go to Nimbin, Australia! Nimbin and the surrounding region tells a unique and hopeful story. Needless to say it leaves an impression as soon as you step i...

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Junk DNA, media frenzy and a new furore in science

Junk DNA and Media science literacy. How on earth the two subjects could be related is not immediately clear though the poor quality of some of today’s news publications might suggest otherwise. First let’s get a handle on what the most recent kerfuffle i...

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Streaming services and digital music: What’s next?

10 years ago, on 28 April 2003, Apple released their game changing service iTunes Music Store. It has been growing ever since its release, reaching 7800 million downloads in 2012. The digital music store has been blamed and praised for the changes the music industry ...

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