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11 April 2014
Norwegian Fisherman Finds “Dildo” In Fish
by Anders Hagen
Anders Hagen
Anders Hagen is a half Swiss half Norwegian living in the village Isfjorden in Norway. He is a Journalist and photographer for the local newspaper in the area and also a Musician and actor on an amateur level.

fish 4A little on Marine Debris

Marine debris, also known as marine litter, is man made waste that finds its way into the oceans or waterways. It tends to accumulate at the centre of rotating ocean currents and coastlines. Deliberate disposal of human waste is called ocean dumping. The increased use of plastics poses significant risk of harm to fragile marine species, as many types are simply not biodegradable. Marine Debris is a significant environmental problem for the world’s oceans.

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The Dildo in the fish

Bjorn Frilund is a hobby fisherman living in Rauma, a municipality on the west coast of Norway. Monday night he went out on the Fjord to pull in nets for Herring, which he had previously set. Herring is normally for use as bait to catch larger fish and as per usual there were many North Sea Cod scattered around in the nets to eat the Herring.

But on this evening a whopper Cod had found it’s way into the net. Weighing five or six kilograms this cod contained nothing less than a Dildo, of all things.

“First, I picked out a couple of whole Herring, but then I felt there was even more in the stomach”, tells the laughing Bjorn Friland.

He had to blink with both eyes and look twice as he saw what appeared.

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Fish 1

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How on earth the Dildo found its way into the belly of a North Sea Cod is impossible to know, but Bjorn Frilund suspects that the fish had come from up north. Perhaps the Barents Sea.

“There may have been a frustrated wife who threw the dildo overboard from a ship”, guessed the hobby fisherman, although he knows that many stories are equally as likely.

This particular sex toy is the cordless type of which contains a small electric motor that sits in the small extension on the side. A wire stands out from the bottom but it is impossible to say if the toy was dysfunctional before it was thrown away or lost. In any case, no batteries where found in the item.

Bjorn tells of how he finds that the North Sea Cod are ferocious feeders around spawning time. He points out that both the colour and the shape of the dildo are similar to that of an octopus, and possibly as it sunk to the bottom the Cod took it.

fish 3

Could he have been mistaken?

“No this is impossible, the fish was alive and kicking when I pulled up the net and I had to knock it unconscious to get it loose. The fish was fat and in good health and has not suffered any distress.”

Have you experienced anything similar before?

“Never. Chances of winning the lottery are probably greater. So I have gone out and bought a ticket.”

What did you do with the fish?

“It is filleted and given away”, winks the hobby fisherman.


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