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28 September 2014
6 Local Liberians Give Their View on Ebola.
by Circus Bazaar
6 Local Liberians Give Their View on Ebola.
Circus Bazaar
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Liberians are facing an Ebola Epidemic that is devastating their country. As the world watches from a distance Circus Bazaar spoke to locals of Nimba county. One of the regions severely affected by the outbreak. Here is their perspective.

This article could not have been possible without the assistance of Sanniquellie Youth Association (Sya), Inc. Circus Bazaar has made a monetary donation to support them in their fight against the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. Please give generously to support them in their struggle. Full Constitution of the Sanniquellie Youth Association. Click here – (PDF)

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Male Church Leader from Sanniuellie

Ebola is real and it kills but it is a spiritual problem and very demonic. It is from the book of Psalm 7:15-16. If you read it you will know that it is spiritual.

Youth Leader from Sanniquellie

I believe that Ebola is real and is in Liberia because I have read about it from newspaper, internet, on radio and from other counties in Africa. But due to the lack proper awareness and misinformation many of our people do not believe the existence of the virus in our country. Many people believe that people are poisoning the food and water and are calling it Ebola. Many of our citizens do not trust the Government whatsoever. They say people do not believe in them.

6 Local Liberians Give Their View on Ebola.
Locals are listening to expert advice and putting Clora/Super bleach hand washing units outside homes. Image Credit: Circus Bazaar Stock/Sanniquellie Youth Association

We have had a very weak and poor health system with limited health workers and limited resources to work with. Today most of our health workers have refused to go to work in fear that they will get the virus. As a result most of our hospitals are closed and are not providing services to the country. People or family members who contact the virus are discriminated and are not even allowed to buy from others and also people who do the burial are also rejected by community members. At all of our quarantine centers people refuse to go there in fear that they will get the virus which is one of the contributing factor to the death of so many people. Some of the people die from lack of food.

Many of our citizens who have the means have left the country with their family while the others are buying buckets with Clora/Super bleach and put it before their house and business places for people to wash their hands before entering their house or business area. Government in an effort to control the further spared of the virus has taken some measures like the introduction of curfew from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am, distributed buckets and Clora/Super bleach,  the quarantine of some communities, the building of holding centers for people who have been suspected and many other but all of these are not really helping.

The sending of the 3000 US soldiers to help the government in the fight against Ebola by President Obama of America has given hope to many of our citizens who do not have the means.

6 Local Liberians Give Their View on Ebola.
Massive suppliers of Clora/Super bleach hand washing units are being distributed. Image Credit: Circus Bazaar Stock/Sanniquellie Youth Association

Business man

Our prayers are for Ebola to finish from our country and we want to thank all of the people who are helping to fight the virus from our country and county. My hope is for our people will listen to the advice of our health workers and take all preventive measures to stop the further spread. One good thing is our people living in Sanniquellie has not come down with the virus only people from other places bring it to Sanniquellie therefore we are calling on our people to prevent their self from getting the virus. Another problem we are facing is our business is going down due to the outbreak of this virus in our country which has make life very hard for us. We are not able to feel at home. We are not getting money from our business like before.

Business Man (Rice Dealer) from Ganta

We will want the collective effort of all citizens to join in the fight to get rid of Ebola in our country. We blame the President of Liberia for the spread of the virus. The reason is that during the outbreak in Guinea she did not take any measures to stop the spread of the virus. She needed to close the border when the virus entered Liberia by means of Lofa. No actions were taken. The refusal to feed people who are quarantined is another problem. The President said one of the major problem is all government hospitals are closed and are not providing services to people.  Because of the already weak health system in our country people are scared to contract the virus.

Ebola Task force Member from Sanniquellie

Ebola is real and it kills and as we speak more than 135 person has die in Nimba from the virus and its related sickness. Ebola is generally transferred by contact with effected people and Ebola has very strange characteristics. As a result it survives outside of it host, unlike other virus like HIV/AIDS. One of our major challenges of preventing this virus from our county is our cultures practices that has to do with caring for our dead family members and relatives.

Some of the things we have done to stop the further spared of the Ebola Virus is the distribution of buckets and disinfectant like Clora/Super bleach and Soap to major crowded places in our county. There is also restrictions on market areas schools, video clubs and other places.

We are in the process of creating awareness to our citizens on radio and thru our local officials therefore we have decentralized our approaches and we are now working with the administrative district, chiefdom, townships and the cities. In all of these places we have establish Task Forces and empower them.


6 Local Liberians Give Their View on Ebola.
Our challenges are: Bad road network, Lack of Mobility, Limited Resources and the high level of illiteracy in our society says a local business man in Nimba County. Image Credit: Circus Bazaar Stock/Sanniquellie Youth Association

Local Business Woman (Hair dresser) from Sanniquellie

I know that Ebola is real and its kills when people do not protect them self and the reason why the Ebola virus is spreading and killing our people is that people are not willing to sit in their place because they are in search for food/living. Many are not taking the advice of our health workers. We need to advice our people to sit at their places to stop the spread of this virus but again this will cause problems due to the hardship our people are now facing. I also want to say that I do not know how the Ebola virus came into our country but want to tell people that they need to wash their hands and stop shaking hands and stop making love. We need to take care of our children so that they will not come in contact with the virus. Some of us fear that the use of Clora/Super bleach without it been diluted I feel that it may cause problem for them one day.


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