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25 June 2014
Artist is Tortured to Bring Attention to Animal Testing
by Circus Bazaar
Circus Bazaar
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A young Artist is tortured, tied down, force-fed and injected with a variety of cosmetics in London as part of a protest highlighting Animal Testing.

A young twenty four year old Artist named Jacqueline Traide was passionate about the testing of human cosmetics on Animals so she agreed to make this stand in-front of shocked crowds in London. Attempting to emotionally pry them out of their comfort zone she endured this torturous treatment in a human re-enactment. The 10 hour disturbing stunt was a collaboration between Lush Cosmetics who specialises in hand made products and The Humane Society of which is one of the biggest Animal protection organisations in the United States.

I found this whilst reading through intensely emotional poetry that reflected on Animal testing from their own perspective. I thought I would add this two ..

Imprisoned By Emily

Heartless hands reach for me
Always trapped in a cage with a lock and no key
Waiting for my next dose that could end my life
This was not the life I hoped for, not one with strife!
They take me into a room that is dark
In this room, many things have left many marks
I am falling into a dreamless sleep
I fear no one can wake from a sleep this deep
I know for sure something’s not right
I cannot find a stray hint of light
I know I’m not the first to end this way,
But sadly, I am not the last head to lay; never waking; ending this way.


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