Craig Bradbrook
Craig is retired Performing Musician and Actor. He contributes various musings for Circus Bazaar.



‘Never want to wake up’ I Killed the Prom Queen by Beloved – Album Review

I Killed the Prom Queen compositions are a diverse cross section of metal and mathcore genres that maintain the interest of a niche market. It’s not easy to bring multiple elements of metal together in one album let alone each and every ...

by Craig Bradbrook

Why the so called “Mozart effect” is false.

While you may enjoy and experience pleasure when listening to music don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s making you smarter. It’s the dopamine. [dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap] market exists in the consumers world where expecting and new...

by Craig Bradbrook

“The Answer has a meaning…” Sun Structures by Temples – Album review

Psychedelica has been transported to 2014 thanks to Temples. A rare sound has been achieved that captures the ambience of 1960’s psychedelic records. A sound that takes a considered approach and understanding of the elements required to ...

by Craig Bradbrook

“It’s Not So Tragic”, Rendez-vous Transatlantique, Bagatelle. Album review.

Have a listen to the world through the ears of Bagatelle and enter a space of fluent progressive serendipitous pop.  It is pleasant and personable, music to please. There are sweet jazz voicing’s and the vocal work of Andrea Vaughn is we...

by Craig Bradbrook

‘It can be so sweet it makes you sick’ – Saint Sebastien France de Griessen – Album review

France’s vocals are intent, holistic and purposeful. The lyrics are as they need to be, at times urgent, also reflective, on time or in the moment.  The writing is mature and scripted and leaves openings for improvisation. The old school...

by Craig Bradbrook

‘Coloured Into a Colour Never Seen’ Warpaints Warpaint – Review

The space and time Warpaint create lends this group to a unique continuum.  There is patience and virtue, all-encompassing sounds and tones and a ‘real’ drum kit/percussion character not to be ignored.  Beware, you will require a meditat...

by Craig Bradbrook