Shane Alexander Caldwell
Shane Alexander Caldwell is the Editor of Circus Bazaar Magazine, host of the Big Tent Podcast and the sole Ringmaster of the Circus Bazaar Company. He performs acts of international political magic on the regular.



Norway’s “Konstantin “The One” Lesnik” at Mayweather Boxing Club – Interview

Introducing Konstantin “The One” Lesnik. A fully equipped, fully functional and proven dream seeker. He also has a sweet left hook! As this article is being written he is no doubt soon to be waking up in Las Vegas USA and pre...

by Shane Alexander Caldwell

Police Violence, Drugs & the Peace Prize. Felipe Coronel Aka. Immortal Technique

Earlier this year Circus Bazaar sat down and had a chat with Felipe Coronal, better known as Immortal Technique. Topics of discussion were Police violence, the illegality of drugs and the Nobel peace prize. Please visit the page “N...

by Shane Alexander Caldwell

“Norwegian Police filmed.” Article 3 – Inhuman or Degrading treatment?

Please visit the page “Norwegian Police Violence and Human Rights” to see the full investigative series of articles on this case. “The video allegedly was recorded through a window facing the street on May 21, 2013, sho...

by Shane Alexander Caldwell

Is Spirulina potentially deadly?

The internet is flooded with claims that Spirulina will improve every thing from heart health to your mood. Believers of all things seen as alternative will sing you the gospel on its virtues, but is there a darker side to that deeply gr...

by Shane Alexander Caldwell

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