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16 March 2014
Is Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in Australian Waters West of Perth?
by Circus Bazaar
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missing-flight-malaysia-airlines-boeing-777-ftrThe Malaysian Prime Minister has now come out and revealed that they believe that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has been subject to some variety of Hi-Jacking and been intentionally diverted. Radar tracking systems on-board the craft are assumed to have been intentionally switched-off giving rise to a variety of theories.

Bloomberg has now reported today that satellite transmission data collected by United States investigators showed that the aircrafts MAS systems last known position was in an area 1600 Km west of Perth, Australia.

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Australia claim’s that is has had no additional requests from the Malaysian government. After 8 days of searching for the missing Malaysian flight the Australian government may now have to answer as to how effective its radar tracking systems are. Australia’s “Jindalee Operational Radar Network” covers large swathes of the southern Indian Ocean and something as large as a Boeing 777 flying close to Australian Air Space is assumed to be quite visible. However, without a transponder of which was turned off earlier in the flight the situation is complicated.

Only Over the Horizon Radar (OTHR) and Air Traffic Towers are capable of this long range detection. Over the horizon radar can easily be effected by poor ionospheric conditions and theoretically if one knew the locations of Air Traffic Towers they could be navigated around. As the towers capability is only short to mid range, it is therefor possible that a 777 with transponders disabled may have slipped into Australian airspace undedicated.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Defence Department told Bloomberg that the department “won’t be providing comment” on the military surveillance system.

Some facts on the disappearance on Malaysian Flight MH370

  1. The theory that the aircraft was shot down or exploded by an engine fire or even a bomb has been dispelled. The US government uses satellites to identify heat signatures for a variety of different reasons. An explosion of that magnitude should easily register on the US government systems.
  2. Nearly all Aircraft use transponders to transmit signals to other aircraft and monitors on the ground to identify aircraft type, heading, speed, altitude, location and other relevant information. This transponder shut down 40 minutes into the flight and in commercial airliners they are equipped with a back up transponder. Aircraft systems would give out an alert to signal the pilot to switch to an alternate transponder. This was not done. Transponders hardly ever become faulty and for both to be non-operational is virtually impossible.
  3. As well as Transponders there are other transmissions called “pings” that sent back to ground monitors via satellite links. These pings contain routine maintenance and system-monitoring data and apparently were doing so for hours after the transponders dropped off. Until they magically stopped or were switched off, this information suggests that the aircraft was heading out to the Indian Ocean. Most likely the Transponders had been switched off intentionally by either the Pilot or by others individuals who may have gained access to the cockpit. Apparently the Captain had a history of giving passengers guided tours and allowing them to sit in the cockpit during flights which is highly against regulations. This may have led to a possible hijacking scenario.
  4. Considering there has been no groups have come forward to claim responsibility for a possible hijacking and act of terror suggests that the captain may have had a mental episode, over powered his co pilot and done whatever he wanted with the aircraft. The FBI will be digging very deep into all aspects of the life of both pilots.

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