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7 September 2014
Meet “Jack the Ripper” – Identified by DNA?
by Circus Bazaar
Meet "Jack the Ripper" - Identified by DNA?
Circus Bazaar
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It has been 126 years since the brutal murder of up to 11 women on the streets of London. Has the identity of the worlds most infamous Serial Killer, “Jack the Ripper” finally been discovered?

[dropcap size=big]O[/dropcap]n the 6th of September 2014 the Mail Online released a world wide exclusive stating that an “amateur sleuth” had discovered through indesputable DNA evidence the identity “beyond reasonable doubt” of the infamous Jack the Ripper. 126 years after his horrific crimes, “Aron Mordke Kozminski” has been named the perpertrtor of the murders that have puzzled and captivated people for well over a century. A Polish Jew, he was and still to this day been one of the major suspects in the case.

The discovery came through a combination of work done by two men. Russel Edwards, a amateur investigator and Dr Jari Louhelainen who is a leading expert in genetic evidence from historical crime scenes. A blood stained shawl left at the 1888 murder scene of Catherine Eddowes that found its way into the hands of a 1880’s London police officers family was purchased at auction in 2007 by Edwards. He then conscripted Dr Louhelainen to provide cutting edge DNA analysis using techniques designed to compensate for the inevitable difficulties associated with crimes of a historical nature. Incredibly they were not only able to discover and sequence DNA from blood stains but also from cells originating in a mans Urethra that where immersed in 126 year old semen (present also on the scarf).

According to the pair, descendants of both the Catherine Eddowes and Aron Mordke Kozminski agreed to submit DNA for analysis. The descendent of Catherine Eddowes who remains anonymous was a match and a female descendant of Kosminski’s sister showed results bordering on absolute certainty with 99.2% for one strand of DNA and 100% for another. Dr Louhelainen who is directly published in the exclusive states; “Because of the genome amplification technique, I was also able to ascertain the ethnic and geographical background of the DNA I extracted. It was of a type known as the haplogroup T1a1, common in people of Russian Jewish ethnicity. I was even able to establish that he had dark hair. Now that it’s over, I’m excited and proud of what we’ve achieved, and satisfied that we have established, as far as we possibly can, that Aaron Kosminski is the culprit.”

Meet "Jack the Ripper" - Identified by DNA?
Aron M. Kozminski: Jack the Ripper?

However the proliffic website “I Fucking Love Science” have thrown some level of doubt on the claims by reminding their audience that although DNA evidence has revolutionised the investigative process it is less so exact as what people may like to believe. They also appear to be critical of the release of such a scientific finding in a book and a non-scientific publication such as the Daily Mail rather than a credible peer reviewed journal.

Who was Aron Mordke Kozminski

Aron Mordke Kozminski was a Polish/Jewish Hair Dresser that emigrated to England in 1881 with his family. The son of a tailor, he was one of many refugees that where escaping pogroms and poor financial conditions in eastern Europe under Tsarist Russia. He had a documented history of mental illness and on two occasions around the time of the murders found himself in a workhouse (a place for those unable to support themselves) as a consequence of unstable behaviour. He later found himself in a Lunatic Asylum where he would be diagnosed as ill since 1885.

Jack-the-ripper.org describes Kozminski as “A feeble minded imbecile, who was admitted to Colney Hatch Asylum in February 1891, but who had begun displaying signs of insanity at some stage in the late 1880’s. He believed that a higher power spoke to him, and controlled his actions, and claimed to know the movements of all mankind. He refused to wash and would not accept food from others, preferring instead to eat from the gutter.”

In 1920 the assistant police commissioner for the duration of the murders Sir Robert Anderson described in his memoirs “…’undiscovered murders’ are rare in London, and the ‘Jack-the-Ripper’ crimes are not in that category… I will merely add that the only person who had ever had a good view of the murderer unhesitatingly identified the suspect the instant he was confronted with him; but he refused to give evidence against him…In saying that he was a Polish Jew I am merely stating a definitely ascertained fact…”

Aron Mordke Kozminski in an emaciated state from poor diet died just 44kg in March 1919 aged 53.


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