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21 October 2013
Packaged “Human Meat” protest in Barcelona.
by Circus Bazaar
day-without-meat-02 - All rights and credit go to www.banoosh.com
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Property of banoosh.com
Property of banoosh.com

Earlier this year the animal rights group “Animal Equality” launched a human meat protest in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. According to the website Banoosh.com the demonstration took place directly out front of the Cathedral of Barcelona to commemorate the “day without meat”. The stated objective of Animal Equality is,

“To raise awareness of the suffering and deaths of nonhuman animals as victims of speciesism and work towards the abolition of animal use through the promotion of veganism. Animal Equality does not support welfare reforms, or changes in the way animals are exploited, as the group believes that “reforms in animal treatment benefit exploiters by increasing efficiency and profit, and encourage the public to feel more comfortable about consuming animal products.”

Property of Banoosh.com
Property of Banoosh.com

According to their twitter page they called the demonstration a “meat out” and referred to it as shocking.

Animal Equality has a history of backing its protest with action. It has conducted a raid on a facility housing 40 000 imprisoned chickens, physically jumped into a Spanish Bull Ring and the rescue of six pigs before slaughter.

Here at Circus Bazaar we thought that this story, although old was very much worth posting. Well done “Animal Equality”.

All credit for these brilliant photos goes to www.banoosh.com

Below you can view the Spanish News report on the demonstration.

Disclaimer – Circus Bazaar does not necessarily subscribe to vegetarianism.


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