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13 February 2014
Steven Bradbury – Australia’s Greatest Winter Olympian
by Circus Bazaar
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Steven Bradbury - Australia's Greatest Winter Olympian Steve Bradbury! Winner of the 2002, 1000m Short Track Speed Skating event at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. The whole world remembers Steve Bradbury as one of the luckiest athletes in the world because of his unlikely win over a faster but fallen group of Speed Skaters. USA Today said

“The first winter gold medal in the history of Australia fell out of the sky like a bagged goose. He looked like the tortoise behind four hares”

But a little investigation will tell you that he was actually quite a contender. He had both the mind and the skills to have been competitive at different points in his career without the assistance of lady luck. He suffered two near death crashes in his career that he made come backs from and his record outside the one miraculous win he is famous for was really quite tidy.

Olympics Gold – 2002 Salt Lake City 1000m
Olympics Bronze – 1994 Lillehammer 5000m Relay
World Championships Gold – 1991 Sydney 5000 m relay
World Championships Silver – 1994 Guildford 5000 m relay
World Championships Bronze – 1993 Beijing 5000 m relay

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