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27 November 2013
Low budget remake of Bruce Lee’s “Way of the Dragon” underway.
by Circus Bazaar
Circus Bazaar
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Way of the Dragon 2013 Remake Bruce Lee Chuck Norris
Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris battled it out in Rome’s Colosseum.

Oslo, Norway – A low budget group of film producers based in Oslo, Norway have tentatively began work on a remake of the Martial Arts classic “Way of the Dragon”, that stared the late Bruce Lee and the great Chuck Norris. “Way of the Dragon” was Bruce Lee’s third film in which he had the leading role and to many die hard fans remains his best due to the classic battle between him self and a hairy chested Chuck Norris in the grand Colosseum in Rome.

Circus Bazaar was fortunate enough to be able to catch up with Gard Olsen who is playing Colt (Chuck Norris) in the film to ask him a few of questions on the making, where they are at with the project and how they felt stepping in into the shoes of Martial Arts legends.

Can you give us a little bit of an insight into the production process? How were you able to recreate the original look and feel that Raymond Chow originally intended.

Way of the Dragon 2013 Remake Bruce Lee Chuck Norris
Gard Olsen

We filmed it shot by shot. So we watched one shot, then filmed our version. Since we were low on budget we could not afford make up. Actually we made the entire scene for the price of zero kroner. Not counting the electrical bill for charging the camera and editing the movie.

The choreography must have been a lot to live up to. How did you achieve such perfect results?

We watched the scene in it’s entirety alot of times. And when we went in to shot-by-shot we studied each till we got it right.

Chuck Norris is considered by many to be irreplaceable. Considering he is still alive, was it difficult to step into the shoes of Chuck and did you feel any pressure?

Way of the Dragon 2013 Remake Bruce Lee Chuck Norris
The Great Chuck Norris

No not at all. I had to grow my hair until it somehow matched Chucks hair in the original. However not having enough chest hair really bugged me. To prepare I also needed a pair of white pants. That’s why I loaned my girlfriends karate pants. These were quite tight for me so this is why I squeezed my fat upwards therefor making my portrayal of Chuck Norris having a fat muffin.

– A behind the scenes clip from “Way of the Dragon 2013” (Below)


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