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Packaged “Human Meat” protest in Barcelona.

Earlier this year the animal rights group “Animal Equality” launched a human meat protest in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. According to the website the demonstration took place directly out front of the Cathedr...

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Like Farms, Fake Likes and Like posers. Calling out fakes!

The Facebook like page is something that those that dwell in Social Media have become very accustomed to. To a large extent it has played almost a substitute role to a blog or a website for many businesses. All over the world companies u...

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Norway´s Largest Prison

Twilight at Norway’s largest prison.

Norway’s largest prison, “Oslo Fengsel” is located more or less in the the heart of Oslo. Its capacity according to Wikipedia is 350 inmates and is skirted by this children’s play ground. Don´t be fooled by the la...

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Norwegian Nobel Institute

2013 Nobel Peace Prize goes to the OPCW

It has been officially announced that the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize has gone to the OPCW – The organization for the Prohibition of  Chemical Weapons. The official motivation being “for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical...

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Police baton in the throat – USA style!

It has come to the attention of Circus Bazaar that many people insist that the USA is the home of Police violence. A constant theme in the feedback we receive is that in the United States, the individual would have received  far worse tr...

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Amnesty International Statement on Norwegian Police Film

Amnesty makes loud statment regarding human right violations suspected in film of Norwegian Police. Please visit the page “Norwegian Police Violence and Human Rights” to see the full investigative series of articles on this c...

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