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NASA Announce That Pluto Has A Blue Sky and Water Ice

After receiving the first color images of Pluto’s atmospheric hazes from the New Horizons spacecraft, NASA has today announced that Pluto has blue skies and that water ice exists on the dwarf planet. “Who would have expected a blue...

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Norway’s Bureau for Police Affairs Prepare’s Submission to Court Against Oslo Police District

The above promo clip from the soon to be released documentary film, “The Serpent in Paradise” that details the experience of several migrant’s who have been driven to an obscure and isolated area in 2013. On a quiet morning in the ...

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Latest Data On The European Migrant Emergency

Facts are accurate at date of publishing. Source: International Organization for Migration

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A Hungarian Photographer Has Been Filmed Tripping And Kicking Refugees

The online news broadcasting service AJ+ today published footage of a Hungarian Photographer tripping and kicking refugee’s running from police. According to the report, the Photographer worked for the far-right Jobbik-affiliated c...

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Deaths At Sea

Focusing On Deaths At Sea Diverts Attention From the Real Issue

I recently attended a speech by the Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, in Kuala Lumpur and during the subsequent question time, the issue of asylum seekers came up. Her response was to roll out the usual party line, which is to j...

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Manuela Lavinas Picq

How many police in Ecuador does it take to silence a woman who speaks truth to power?

UPDATED THURS 20/8/2015: Manuela Lavinas Picq faced two hours of court deliberations on Monday the 17th at 16:00. The hearing was in order to define the immigration status of the Brazillian academic/journalist who had, several days earli...

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