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The Baton Affair: “There was a certain practice”, Norway’s Director of Public Prosecutions

On a quiet morning in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway, a man who was suspected of concealing narcotics in his mouth was subjected to a stop and search by Norwegian civil police. During the search, the police handcuffed and held down the man ...

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Immortal Technique Arrested

Immortal Technique Arrested – “Overblown Media Hype”

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he controversial rapper who is revered for writting some of the most socially consious lyrics ever laid to paper was reportedly arrested last Thursday in Santa Ana, California. The arrest and later release was on susp...

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Adán Cortés Salas to be sent out from Norway Monday

Adán Cortés Salas to be sent out from Norway Monday after disturbing Nobel Peace Ceremony.

Adán Cortés Salas, the young Mexican student that jumped on the stage at the Nobel Peace Ceremony will be sent out from Norway Monday morning. Adán Cortés Salas lawyer Jens-Ove Hagen told the Norwegain State owned media network NRK tonig...

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CB Street View. Ecuadorian Embassy and Julian Assange.

In June of 2012 Julian Assange the Australian Journalist and Editor-in-chief of Wikileaks applied for political asylum in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño publicly announced that he was at the Embassy in London. La...

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LIVE! Rioting and Looting in Suburbs of Ferguson

LIVE! Rioting and Looting in Suburbs of Ferguson, USA after Court Ruling.

The St Louis suburb of Ferguson, USA is experiencing rioting and looting after a grand jury made the decision not to lay sentencing over the killing of Michael Brown in August 2014. After Michael Brown was shot dead by a United States Po...

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Mads Gilbert to Fight Israeli Ban

After being banned from the Gaza Strip Norwegian Doctor Mads Gilbert says he will fight the ban and that there are other ways into Gaza.

After being banned for life from entering Gaza by the Israeli Government the Norwegian physician, humanitarian and activist Mads Gilbert told Circus Bazaar that he will fight the ban and that there are other ways into Gaza. Dr Mads Gilbe...

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