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Ebola: Understanding the Disease. An Infographic.

Ebola has already claimed nearly 5,000 lives in West Africa. With a fatality rate of up to 90%, Ebola is a very dangerous illness. Learn about the history of this disease and its symptoms. [sociallocker id=”1624″][/sociallock...

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Australian Rapper Takes on Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

An Australian Rapper going by the name “Prophet Rayza” has launched a scathing attack on conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Earlier this year Circus Bazaar reviewed a newly released album on the Australian Hip Hop scene...

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Incredible DHL Express Video Goes Viral Worldwide

Incredible DHL Express Video Goes Viral Worldwide.

Mobile phone footage of DHL Express grossly mishandling packages at an Australian Airport has gone internationaly viral and forced DHL to launch an investigation. If you are one of the many millions of people that make use of DHL Express...

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Unmanned Supply Rocket Destined to International Space Station Explodes During Launch.

An unmanned supply rocket  destined to the International Space Station has exploded during launch. Orbital CRS-3 was on a mission to keep the international space station stocked with supplies. On board was science experiments, hardware, ...

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Video of Shootout Inside Canada’s Parliament Building

The Globe and Mail has release a video showing a shootout taking place inside Canada’s Parliament Building in Ottawa. There are suspected to be multiple gunmen of which one has been suspected to be killed. The incident has came jus...

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Ebola Response Roadmap 10th October 2014

World Health Organization Situation Report: Ebola Response Roadmap 10th October 2014

Provided by the World Health Organization, this is a series of regular updates on the Ebola Response Roadmap 8th October 2014. It contains a review of the epidemiological situation and response monitoring of the 2014 outbreak in Western ...

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