Zac Rogers
Zac Rogers is an academic from Adelaide, South Australia. His research combines a traditional grounding in national security, intelligence, and defence with emerging fields of social cybersecurity, digital anthropology, and democratic resilience, working closely with industry and government partners across multiple projects. Parasitoid is his first book.



Partner – Proxy – Glitch

The conflict in Ukraine offers unexpected insight into a military construct which has previously been mostly theoretical. The scenario of Ukrainian ground forces fighting beneath an information domain dominated almost exclusively by Amer...

by Zac Rogers

Catching tigers in red weather and the falling human

Every technology comes to be used to meet the needs of its time. Those needs interact with the often hidden-from-view affordances that reside in the tech to radically skew the intentions with which it might have been conceived and develo...

by Zac Rogers

Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock

In his poem ‘Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock’, the great American poet Wallace Stevens hints at a warning for our time, which has inspired the coming together of this inaugural edition of Circus Bazaar magazine.

by Zac Rogers

A Republic Imperiled

There is an achingly fragile nuance at the heart of the American Republic. The U.S. Constitution has been described as a Machine That Would Go of Itself – a complex of calibrated forces set against each other – crafted to mitigate agains...

by Zac Rogers

The End of Kim

There exists a pervasive myth in the world of international relations regarding nuclear weapons. It concerns the difference between zero and one. It holds that by acquiring nuclear weapons a state takes a giant leap in terms of its capac...

by Zac Rogers

The Great Re-branding

United States: In October 2015 Bill Clinton, appearing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, was asked by Colbert to explain the apparent momentum gathering around Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination. Back when it was ...

by Zac Rogers