Karim Immanuel Chemlal
Karim is an Australian writer and Political Activist. Specialising in Futurism, Science Fiction, Politics, Fantasy and History, Karims forth coming book "Amok Rising" will be published in 2016.



Don’t bait the bear. Russian Ships Heading to Australian Waters.

Tony Abbott’s threat to shirt-front Putin has resulted in an unexpected visit by the Russian Pacific fleet. The Australian PM’s less than diplomatic and repeated bracing of Vladimir Putin over preceding weeks has seeded what ...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

The Internet of Things

Stage Two of The Internet: The Internet of Things

A global discussion of the divisive as well as uniting qualities of the IOT is vital for a balanced view of the implications of this world spanning technology. My own view is inclined to the optimistic, but my nerdy passion for history i...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Real Ebola and Homeopathic Fakes

Real Ebola and Homeopathic Fakes.

Media outlets who peddle this kind of gutter journalism fill our minds with paranoid and substance-less debate. Debate which detracts utterly from informing the public and creating useful social discourse. [dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]n ...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Can the world afford Ebola?

“In the three hardest hit countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the number of new patients is moving far faster than the capacity to manage them. We need to surge at least three to four times to catch up with the outbreaks,&...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Autoimmune Disease Breakthrough

Silencing the Inner War: Autoimmune Disease Breakthrough

University of Bristol researchers have discovered how to stop cells from attacking healthy body tissue in debilitating autoimmune diseases (such as multiple sclerosis), where the body’s immune system destroys its own tissue by mistake. [...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Eagle Works: The Manhattan project of space travel

NASA’s Eagle Works: The Manhattan project of space travel.

A working microwave thruster would radically cut the cost of satellites and space stations and extend their working life, drive a plethora of suddenly affordable deep-space missions, and take astronauts to Mars in days to weeks rather th...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal