Karim Immanuel Chemlal
Karim is an Australian writer and Political Activist. Specialising in Futurism, Science Fiction, Politics, Fantasy and History, Karims forth coming book "Amok Rising" will be published in 2016.



Pseudoscience Idiocy in all its Principled Glory

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]diocy is much like a persistent cancer that raises its ugly head periodically when the right circumstances allow it to grow and flourish. Recently there has been a growth in the popular concept that “my ideas...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Ignition: Limitless Energy Through Fusion May Be Closer Than Previously Thought.

[dropcap size=big]V[/dropcap]irtually limitless energy and a world freed from scarcity has been the dream of human kind for millennia. In the mid 20th century this hallowed dream saw a potential reality emerge when the principle of fusio...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Just like Lego – building the better body, cell by cell.

The cell number of the human body is approxamatley 10^12 per kilogram or about 80 trillion cells for an 80 kilo human, nearly all of which must cleave to very tight parameters for the body to function well. A fact best left unexamined if...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

How 3D printing is revolutionising medicine.

Organs to print. It reads and sounds utterly incongruous. Even suggesting it less than a decade ago would likely have resulted in a patronising chuckle and perhaps some humorous commentary about technophiles. Yet today that is precisely ...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Connecting the dots Part one: Mobile phones and 3D printing.

This series will look at a recent technological development each week and examine how it is changing not only today but how it may also powerfully reshape our future. 3d printing and mobile phones. One is the most ubiquitous, fastest gro...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal

Google Glass

Is the Google Juggernaut still true to its motto?

[pullquote]    “It is the search giant’s factory for moonshots, those million-to-one scientific bets that require generous amounts of capital, massive leaps of faith, and a willingness to break things.” – Bloomberg News...

by Karim Immanuel Chemlal