Kobi Leins
Kobi Leins is an international lawyer with corporate, academic and policy experience in digital ethics, disarmament and human rights. Leins is an expert in the use of nanomaterials in armed conflict, and loves dachshunds and container ships. Leins’ superpower is building community and content across a wide range of actors to find suitable solutions.



Are We Automating the Banality and Radicality of Evil?

By Anja Kaspersen, Kobi Leins & Wendell Wallach When George Orwell coined the term “totalitarianism,” he had not lived in a totalitarian regime but was merely imagining what it might look like. He referred to two primary tr...

by Kobi Leins

AI for better or for worse, or AI at all?

When I was a little girl, I was taught a song about a ball of white string, in which the white string could fix everything — tie a bow on a gift, fly a kite, mend things.

by Kobi Leins