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Ep 5. An Alternative type of Wind Power with Michael Blaize

In the first Podcast of 2019, Editor of Circus Bazaar Magazine Shane Alexander Caldwell sits down to discuss a new form of Wind Power with the developer of the technology behind the Australian Renewable Energy Company, Vawt-X Energy, Mic...

by The Big Tent Podcast

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A Republic Imperiled

There is an achingly fragile nuance at the heart of the American Republic. The U.S. Constitution has been described as a Machine That Would Go of Itself – a complex of calibrated forces set against each other – crafted to mitigate against the seminal fears of tyranny...

by Zac Rogers

European Defence: Back to Tervuren?

For years the European Union has struggled to give more coherence to its institutions. Despite the recent economic recovery, these institutions have remained imperfect. They have proved incapable of responding adequately to the refugee crisis, to the rise of populism...

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The End of Kim

There exists a pervasive myth in the world of international relations regarding nuclear weapons. It concerns the difference between zero and one. It holds that by acquiring nuclear weapons a state takes a giant leap in terms of its capacity to wield and resist coerci...

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Colin Hagen releases his first EP

Norway – There is little to fault on Colin Hagens first EP. Production is tight. Perfectly recorded with imperfections to expose the subtleness of an acoustic guitar. If you listen carefully, you hear the fingers sliding on the strings. Vocally, by the end of t...

by Craig Bradbrook

We need to talk about whistleblower protection in Europe

BERLIN – In May this year, the European Anti-Corruption Youth Conference [EACYC] on Whistleblower Protection brought together young people from all over Europe, eager to change the prevalent insufficiencies in whistleblower protection, and to impact the ongoing...

by Johanne Lund

The Great Re-branding

United States: In October 2015 Bill Clinton, appearing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, was asked by Colbert to explain the apparent momentum gathering around Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination. Back when it was still mandatory in polite circ...

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