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ELIZA, the paperclip maximizer: A story

An unspecified government agency released a set of decoded log files [see below], recovered from an accident at an AI research lab. According to an eyewitness who visited the site, an “unusually large” heap of paperclips towered over the...

by Andrea Brennen

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Gaslight Empire

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by Zac Rogers

Trump Thanks Women After Women’s March

SATIRE BY CIRCUS BAZAAR SIDE SHOW United States: As millions of American women marched the day after Trump’s inauguration to the US office, the now incumbant President turned out to be more than pleased with the record number of women who (in his very own words) R...

by Kaja Berg

Trump And The Post-Truth World

United States – In what has created one extended moment of surreal shock, the United States went ahead and elected Donald J. Trump to the Presidency, its highest and most prestigious office. The somewhat gruesome autopsy has already begun, even before the last ...

by Zac Rogers

The Many Shades of Fidel Castro

Cuba – One week ago today, Cubans woke up to the news that the 90-year old leader Fidel Castro had died. It was an event much expected and anticipated, given Fidel’s ailing health and advanced years, but it still took Cubans and the world by surprise. It was a ...

by Sujatha Fernandes

Venezuela´s Road to Anarchy

Venezuela – I am largely in favor of international institutions. Far from an orthodox realist, I consider myself a constructivist and even an idealist. However, with frustration I have seen how the international community turns its back on millions of Venezuela...

by Miguel E. Eusse Bencardino

Trump Is All That Is Left

Living in Norway, the oil-rich social democracy and producing a documentary on related subjects has been an eye opening experience. Not only is it significantly further left of the United States politically, but it is also representative of a privileged and homogeneo...

by Shane Alexander Caldwell